Frequently Asked Questions
About Skyport:
  • Does Skyport own Bermuda’s airport?

    No. The airport land and buildings, including the new passenger terminal, will always be the property of the Government of Bermuda. Skyport’s role is to be responsible for airport development, operations and maintenance for a period of 30 years.

  • How do I contact Skyport?

    Skyport can be contacted by calling +1 441 293 2470 or emailing

The new airport:
  • When will the new airport be finished?

    The new airport terminal is targeted for completion in 2020.

  • Will the new airport be accessible to disabled or elderly passengers?

    Yes. The new airport has been designed to be accessible for all passengers and will provide a number of features to enable a comfortable travelling experience, such as covered passenger boarding bridges.

Airport jobs:
  • Who works for Skyport?

    Skyport staff are largely Bermudian, committed to providing the highest standard of customer service.

  • How do I apply for a role with Skyport?

    Job vacancies can be found here