About Airport Concierge

As part of the development of the new passenger terminal and Skyport’s promise to deliver a superior customer experience, we are now offering Airport Concierge services.

Air travel can be an exhausting ordeal, especially considering new Covid-19 health screening processes which may confuse or otherwise frustrate passengers.

For those individuals who want to take the anxiety out of flying during today’s current climate and enjoy a relaxed and bespoke airport experience, Airport Concierge is our answer. These new services will assist arriving and departing passengers regardless of their flight status to ensure you reach your destination stress-free. while providing a seamless and frictionless experience.
Our Concierge Ambassadors take care of everything from fast tracking to arranging ground transportation alleviating the pressure that can be associated with flying.

For information about our services, please email us at concierge@skyport.bm and our ambassadors will respond within 48 hours.

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