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Terms and Conditions for Parking at Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport

These terms and conditions apply to car park bookings made on the official L. F. Wade International Airport website.

When booking a product on this website you will be contracting with either: Bermuda Skyport International Ltd. or L.F. Wade International Airport.

Please read these terms and conditions through carefully.

1. General Terms

1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all bookings for services made via this website.

1.2 Any contract made between you and us via this website is governed by Bermuda law.

1.3 In these Terms, references to "the Airport" are references to: L. F. Wade International Airport, as applicable.  In these Terms "you" and "your" refer to the person who makes a booking for our services and "we" and "us" refers to the Airport, as described above. The contract for car parking is made between you and the Airport.

1.4 The Airport reserves the right, without notice, to amend the specification of the products or services presented on this site and to discontinue any product or service and all bookings are subject to this right.

1.5 The Airport reserves the right to change these Terms at any time, but once you have made a booking the Terms which apply are those which were on the websites at the time of booking. We recommend that you always read these Terms before booking, to satisfy yourself that you accept them.

1.6 We are only supplying you with car parking under the contract and will not be responsible for any costs, compensation or expenses relating to any flights or other services that you may have arranged. You are responsible for ensuring that you allow sufficient time for car parking, airport procedures (including but not limited to checking –in and security) and any subsequent flight/travel arrangements.

1.7 No person has any authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions unless such variation is in writing under the hand of the Company Secretary or a Director of the applicable Airport.

1.8 Although we attempt to provide our customers with a satisfactory service should you have any complaints, please use our online feedback process, as follows:

or email:

1.9 Should you need to contact us, please call our Airport Traffic Officers (ATOs) on the following free phone numbers:

ATOs:                                                1 (441) 444-4451 or

Information Desk:                            1 (441) 444-4466 or

Skyport Administration Office:      1(441) 444-4400

2. Your Booking

2.1 Bookings can be made by persons aged 18 years or over.

2.2 Please be aware that our car parks use number plates to identify vehicles and as such please ensure that your vehicle registration plate number is accurately entered at the point of booking.

3. Payment

3.1 Payment must be made in advance. Payment may be made using one of the payment methods set out on the website. We reserve the right not to fulfil your booking if your card is declined for any reason, if the payment card has been used fraudulently or without the cardholder's permission, or if you are under the age of 18.

3.2 When you have completed your booking having provided all the necessary details, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. You are responsible for supplying a valid email and we cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to transmission failure or an incorrect address details provided to you.

4. Cancellations and Amendments

4.1 Where you have booked your car parking directly through our website, you can cancel the contract and receive a full refund by contacting us directly as stated in Section 1.9 above.

4.2 Passengers using the LFWIA long-term parking facility with changes or delays on their return flight should email to organise payment on their return.

4.3 A credit only refund will be given for any days booked and left unused, if you make any other changes after your car park arrival date or if you do not use your booking.

4.4 Subject to clause 4.1, if you do not give the required advance notice as stated, no refund will be given or if the change requires additional parking days to those indicated in your booking you will be required to pay the full daily rate for each day you were parked.

5. Car Park Conditions of Use

5.1 You acknowledge that you enter into this contract with us on the basis of these Terms. You agree to indemnify us for any losses we suffer in respect of any breach of these Terms, including but not limited to overstay charges and charges for breaching the car park terms including leaving the car park without paying any unpaid charges which are due for the car.

5.2 Car parks are priced per calendar day and will be charged at $6 a day (or any part thereof).

5.3 All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. When you have parked your vehicle, it is your responsibility to:

  • lock your vehicle securely;

  • fully close all windows of your vehicle;

  • apply your handbrake properly;

  • engage any steering lock, alarm or immobiliser you have;

  • not leave any animal or person within your vehicle;

  • remove your possessions and ensure that any possessions you decide to leave in your vehicle are placed in a locked boot and are not on display.

5.4 The Airport is not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to your vehicle or possessions within it resulting from your failure to do these things. The Airport and its subcontractors do not accept any valuables or other articles for safe custody.

5.5 Where CCTV cameras are installed in our car parks they are used to assist in the proper running of the car park. The CCTV cameras may also act as a deterrent to criminal activity. We do not make any representation as to the extent of coverage provided by the cameras and no guarantee is given as to the security of your vehicle in car parks where CCTV is installed. If you believe that criminal damage has been caused to your vehicle/property you should report this to the police.

5.6 While the Airport uses reasonable endeavours to ensure that the car parks are secure, the Airport does not guarantee that they are a secure environment.

5.7 Vehicles must be parked in the appropriate marked bays, except when the parking lot is full. In this case, vehicles may park in thatched areas or electric vehicle parking bays. Additionally, vehicles must be parked in a manner so as not to cause any obstruction to other car park users.

5.8 You must comply with all directional signage and other instructions when in the car park.

6. Damage Notification and Complaints Procedure

6.1 If your vehicle sustains damage while in the Airport car park or if you lose your vehicle or any of your possessions from your vehicle while it is in the Airport car park, you should:

  • immediately inform an Airport Duty Officer and/or Airport Traffic Officers who will then document the incident.

  • in the case of theft, immediately inform the police

6.2 We do not accept liability for any damage to your vehicle (whether caused accidentally or by way of vandalism) while the vehicle is in the short term, long term, or premium car parks.

6.3 If you wish to register a complaint about the service that you have received please use our online feedback process, detailed within paragraphs 1.8 and 1.9 above.

7. Parking Contraventions

7.1 In using the car park, you agree to abide by any additional terms that may be displayed in or around the car park. If on entry to the car park you are not willing to abide by the additional terms then please leave the car park immediately.

7.2 It is important to the effective management of the car park:

  • that you do not park within a bay designated for a specific purpose when you are not entitled to do so (e.g. parking in a space for the disabled without an appropriate disability badge displayed or an entitlement to use that space);

  • that you park within a marked bay (unless parking lot is full as per Section 5.7 above);

  • that you comply with all signs in the car park.

7.3 The following are not permitted in our car parks, and we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to use the car park if you carry out any of these activities in our car parks:

  • conducting any service work, cleaning or repairs to your vehicle;

  • carrying out any business activity, including but not limited to in connection with selling, hiring or other disposal of your vehicle;

  • filling or emptying of fuel tanks;

  • misusing or damaging any part of the car park;

  • parking outside of a designated parking bays (appropriate to your vehicle) or otherwise as instructed by car park staff;

  • driving dangerously or too fast;

  • making unnecessary noise or nuisance, including playing music in a way that annoys other users of the car park or people living or working nearby;

  • filming or taking photographs;

  • cooking or lighting fires;

  • using the full facilities of a camper van, including but not limited to the toilet, bathroom and kitchen;

  • doing or attempting to do anything which is a criminal offence;

  • spending excessive time (as we may determine) in your vehicle in the car park. This includes sleeping in your vehicle.

8. Events beyond the Airport’s control

8.1 We do not accept liability for any failure by us to perform our obligations due to an event beyond our reasonable control. A non-exhaustive list of such events includes war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist threats or activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, volcanic eruption or ash cloud, government regulations, closure or congestion of airports, and / or cancellation or changes of schedules by airlines.

8.2 Except as expressly stated in these Terms, we shall not be obliged to either refund any pre-payment by you or make any other change to your booking in the event that you wish to amend or cancel your booking due to an event of the kind listed in paragraph 11.1.


Note: These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.



Parking for motorbikes and scooters is provided free of charge between the arrival and departure halls. If this lot is full, overflow parking for bikes is available at the eastern end of the airport.




Do Park in the short-term car lot or the designated pick-up location (if PAX is there, no waiting).

Do Park in the short-term car lot or the designated drop-off location (no waiting).

Do Park in the short-term lot if visiting the airport for shopping, eating, or business.



Do not park on the main terminal roadway.

Do not park on through-road to drop-off or pick-up collect passenger.

Do not park in curbside areas marked with double yellow lines.

Do not park in the bus layby.



Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport and its operators shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or theft to vehicles or their contents while parked at the airport. Users of the parking facilities acknowledge and accept that they are parking at their own risk.

By parking at Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport, users agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in fines, towing, or other enforcement actions as deemed necessary by the airport authorities.

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