The new airport terminal will be a state-of-the-art facility. It will be accessible to all passengers, including features such as covered passenger boarding bridges, and to provide the comfort that travellers have come to expect with more room and modern lounges. There will be improved concessions, restaurants and duty-free offerings as well as views of Bermuda’s beautiful water for passengers to enjoy.

Pre-clearance for US departures will remain and security screening and immigration will be streamlined and modernised for a more efficient check-in and arrivals.

The new facility has been designed with sustainability in mind to minimize environmental impact and maximise efficiencies. Being located further inland, the new airport terminal will be more resistant to hurricanes, and will be built at a higher elevation than the existing one. The new airport will have a bright and open layout and universal pictorial signage. The airport will include:

  • Design elements that reference classical Bermudian architecture, including sloping roof angles, and triangles.
  • Light and open spaces to give an airy impression and walls styled to represent coral reefs, as part of a marine theme.
  • Lush landscaping using indigenous flora compatible with Bermuda’s environment and sustainable water features to create an invigorating outdoor experience that travellers can enjoy on an expansive patio.
  • Plantings, sourced or grown on-island and re-purposed landfill.
  • A putting green and nature trail to make the airport a pleasant place to wait for flights, especially passengers who may have had early check-outs from their hotel. These guests also can have the option to store baggage and shower at the airport as they shop and dine.
  • A display representing Bermudian culture, including stylized kites and birds together with other contributions from local artists. Vibrant colours will enhance a sense of place and provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.