About Skyport

Skyport is the future of Bermuda’s air travel experience. Together with our partners in Government and tourism, we will help Bermuda compete and shine on the world stage.

Skyport is a Bermudian company, led by Aecon Concessions, tasked with transforming Bermuda’s airport infrastructure and airport services. These responsibilities have been taken over from the Department of Airport Operations (DAO).

The majority of the DAO staff have transferred to the new company and, when visiting the airport, you will continue to see many of the same friendly faces. These hardworking airport employees will continue to bring a high level of service to passengers.

We will be modernising Bermuda’s airport experience and providing a superior passenger experience: retail and dining options will be improved, spaces will be made more accessible and exciting new flight routes will be developed with airlines.

Skyport is overseen by the Bermuda Airport Authority, a regulating body established by the Government of Bermuda.

Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport will developed to the highest international aviation standards and become a 21st century gateway that Bermudians can be proud of.

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