Runway approach lighting system upgrades

Why is this project required?

The runway approach lighting system at the LF Wade International Airport is aging and needs to be replaced. This critical infrastructure is one of the systems used by pilots during landing approach to safely guide them to the runway during non-daylight hours and other low visibility periods. The runway approach lighting system works in conjunction with the instrument landing system to help ensure the safe landing of aircraft. In short, this project is necessary to improve the infrastructure required to help facilitate safe flight operations at our airport.

How will this project impact me as a St. David’s resident?

The initial portion of the project, from mid-February into March, will involve pile driving into the seabed within Annes Bay to install new concrete piers. These piers serve as the foundation for the approach lighting system. This work will generate noise which may impact the neighboring residents, depending on wind conditions and one’s proximity to the work site.

What is the project schedule?

The approach lighting upgrades, will occur as detailed below:
Vibratory hammering works planned for nighttime hours to minimize disturbance, will take place from February 26 to March 2; March 16 to March 20; and May 4 to May 13.
Diesel impact hammering will be limited to the morning hours from 7 AM to 10 AM on selected dates in March and April, to further reduce the impact on the community.

Why does this work have to happen at night?

This work will involve the operation of two cranes with a maximum boom height extension of 95 ft, which will inevitably penetrate the obstacle limitation surface (OLS). The OLS is the airspace within the immediate vicinity of an airport that must remain obstacle-free so that aircraft can safely take off and land. As a result of the crane activity needed for this project, work must occur during times when there is no scheduled flight activity.

How long will this project take to be completed? This project is expected to be completed in Fall 2024.

Where can I find updates on the progress of the project? Skyport will provide weekly project updates on our website, which can be found at

How can I report any concerns I have during the project?

Any public concerns can be reported by visiting either of the following websites: or

How will my concerns be addressed by Skyport?

Any community concerns directed to Skyport will be responded toon a case-by-case basis.  Skyport’s Safety and Operations teams will investigate the complaint, identify what action can be taken, and where warranted, conduct ongoing monitoring to mitigate a repeat occurrence wherever possible. If the reported concern reveals that work was not conducted per the approved plans and permits, work will stop immediately, and actions will be corrected.